Saturday, 27 Nov 2021

OPEN Results for 2021


OPEN Silverfish on Willow Lake

 Result 16th November

1st  D Milburn  Peg 29  Weight 26lb 5oz

2nd  K Farrow  Peg 32  Weight 19lb

3rd  J Gillard  Peg 28  Weight  18lb 8oz

4th  Carole Brown  Peg 13  Weight 18lb 7oz


23rd November

1st  B Lawrence  Peg 28  Weight 35lb 6oz

2nd  J Gillard  Peg 27  Weight 27lb 4oz

3rd  P Warren  Peg 15  Weight 14lb 5oz

30th November

Rolling Draw from Tackle shop from 8-00am

Fish 10am to 3pm  


Veteran's Thursday Club Open Match 

 (Age 60 years and above)

Pools £12, includes £1 silverfish pool

Rolling Draw from 8am  Fish 10am - 3pm


Anglers could you please book in prior to match via the Tackle shop on 01954 718269, John or McGill

On the day of the match call in at Tackle shop and you will be given your peg number, thus be able to go straight to your peg.  Thanks


Next Match 

Thursday 2nd December 

Cherrytree & Crabtree Lake

Result from 25th November Honeysuckle Lake

20 Fished


N Stein  Peg 5  Weight 72lb 15oz using maggot down the track to catch F1's


D Pearson  Peg 34 Weight 58lb 1oz using maggot/pinkie to catch carp


R Heath  Peg 7  Weight 51lb 1oz using bread on long pole to catch carp & F1's

Section A  D Holliday  49lb 4oz  Peg 15

Section B  H Thompson  49lb  Peg 24


H Thompson  Peg 24  Weight 7lb 2oz 









V German  Peg 9  Weight 34lb 5oz using corn to catch F1's


R Heath  Peg 14  Weight 32lb 5oz using pellet/corn to catch F1's


K Morton  Peg 2  Weight 20lb






Top Silvers



















W Thomas  35lb 2oz

K Farrow  32lb 5oz















Please observe and follow new coronavirus rules when attending matches