Sunday, 07 Jun 2020

OPEN Results for 2020


Veteran's Thursday Club Open Match 

 (Age 60 years and above)

Pools £12, includes £1 silverfish pool

Draw 9am  Fish 10 - 3pm


Next Match  Thursday 11th June 2020


Result from Thursday 4th June on Honeysuckle Lake

13 Fished


Dave Lack  Peg 34  Weight 73lb 13oz using pole/paste


I Baker  Peg 27  Weight 71lb 7oz using pole/feeder/pellet


C Robinson  Peg 31  Weight 69lb 12oz using pole/meat


G Gibson  Peg 21  Weight 49lb 6oz using feeder/pellet


C Young  24lb 10oz


Please observe and follow new coronavirus rules when attending matches















I do apologise, the web site is getting very old and tired.

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N Stein  Peg 10  Weight