Sunday, 19 Jan 2020

OPEN Results for 2019


 Open Silverfish Matches on Willow Lake

Next Match Tuesday 21st January 2020

Draw 9am  Fish 10-3pm

Result from 17th December


D Beecroft  Peg 29  Weight 16lb 2oz using pole/maggot & pinkie to catch roach & bream


N Marriott  Peg 28  13lb 9oz using pole/pinkie & maggot to catch roach & bream


B Lawrence  Peg 36  Weight 12lb 9oz using pole/maggot to catch roach & bream


Veteran's Thursday Club Open Match 

 (Age 60 years and above)

Pools £12, includes £1 silverfish pool

Draw 9am  Fish 10 - 3pm

Next Match

Thursday 23rd January 2020 on Cherrytree & Crabtree Lakes

Result from 17th December held on Cherrytree & Crabtree

14 Fished



H Thompson  Peg 9  Weight 48lb 11oz using short pole & red maggot to catch carp


J Millard  Peg 18  Weight 45lb 6oz using long pole & red maggot to catch carp



B Hammond  Peg 19  Weight 32lb 12oz using pinkie & pole down side to catch carp


P Warren  Peg 12  Weight 31lb 11oz using pole to 4 metres & red maggot to catch roach, bream, chub & carp 

Silverfish P Warren Peg 12  18lb 3oz


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N Stein  Peg 10  Weight 22lb 12oz using feeder/pellet